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Printing Manager


Experience: 10 - 15 years

Not Listed, Delta | Start: Mar 25, 2019 | End: Mar 29, 2019
full time

Job Description

• Manage the implementation of scheduled printing so as to ensure compliance and uniformity with the agreed time frames, product quality, and efficiency
• Manage the printing resources (people and equipment) to optimize the printing capacity and improve productivity 
• Identify recruitment needs based on the capacity planning according to plant needs
• Coordinate the printing phases (e.g. printing, screen printing, final assembly etc.) and material provision in order to ensure smooth & appropriate daily operation in terms of capacity and quality
• Manage and ensure the coordination of all printing activity (groups of activities) in order to optimize production times and capacity
• Monitor the housekeeping of the facilities in order to secure quality, increase in efficiency, improve productivity and ensure healthy & safe working conditions
• Design and follow up the implementation of training programs for the department’s staff so as to secure diffusion of technical know-how within the plant
• Train, support and motivate the printing staff in order to ensure the quality of their work, their safety and their commitment

Job Requirements

  • HND , BSc. In Engineering or Printing Technology
  • Minimum of (10) Ten years in bottle decoration in reputable Glass factories / Screen printing on bottle making conditions. 
  • Knowledge in Printing technology
  • Good machine printing skills
  • Printing Machine Maintenance
  • Knowledge of Screen Making and Printing on bottles
  • Applied Ceramic Label (ACL) Printing on Glass
  • Good communication skill & computer literacy –words, excel

Job Responsibility

  • To co-ordinate and manage printing dept. to achieve management objectives. 
  • Ensure the smooth operation of daily printing processes in the plant as well as the implementation & achievement of printing targets in the most efficient and effective way. 
  • Manage employees by planning, assigning work, implementing polices & procedures as well as by recommending improvements in printing methods, equipment, operating procedures and working conditions. 

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