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Technical Storekeeper


Experience: 5 - 7 years

, Oyo | Start: Mar 25, 2019 | End: Nov 30, -0001
full time

Job Description

·         Responsible for accounting and safekeeping of spares and consumables in technical store.

·       Maintain all engineering spares and consumable stock as per agreed levels and raise request as and when required.

·         Make a report of all issues in the store as required by the Engineering Manager and accounts department.

·         Check the quality/ specifications of spares supplied and work done by contractors.

·         Keeps record of work done by service providers and complete documentation for timely payments.    

·         Develop store system in such a way that all parts and consumable are traceable by all users in minimum possible time.  

·         Account for all tools issued all technicians and stored/ issued to different locations.

·         Account for used/ old parts for disposal.



Job Requirements

·         BSc / degree in Mechanical/Engineering 

      Minimum of four years related work experience.



Job Responsibility

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